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We write Bail Bonds in every County in North Carolina and can post to all 50 states

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Our experience at U.S. Bonding we have seen that in most bond situations, either you don't have enough money to make the bond or you don't have enough collateral for a large bond. We make it financially feasible for your family or friends to make the bond for you, quickly and simply.
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If you're already in jail and have a bond set so high that you can't make it, we can assist in getting the bond reduced. Let us know the specifics of your case, and we can to tell you or your family member which way to go in a bond reduction. This is going to involve getting in front of a judge. We can help you locate legal assistance in order to reduce the charges. Bond reductions don't happen overnight. They can take anywhere from one week to one month.
With personalized service and affordable rates, U.S. Bonding is your best local bonding agency. We offer financing and 24-hour service for your convenience. If there's anything else we can do to make your experience a little easier, just ask. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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